Seethe Design 是2018年成立于上海的品牌设计与创新工作室。我们相信品牌设计不仅需要设计师对创意的热情,还需要有看见问题的能力和解决问题的执行力。我们致力于与委托方构建联动的创造力,找寻形式与内容的平衡点,为每个品牌提供最适合的解决方案。


Seethe Design is a brand design and innovation studio founded in 2018. We believe that brand design requires not only a designer’s passion for creativity, but also the ability to see problems and the ability to solve problems.

We are committed to building a creative synergy with the client, finding a balance between form and content, and providing the most suitable solution for each brand. Starting from strategies and concepts, we explore unique visual languages, behavioral intonations, and application effects of different media, and focus on the integrated experience of brands and the multiple expressions of core values.

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Tree Creative Town, Minhang, Shanghai.